Z-Score. I mu Y-Score. I mean why? Why have a blog about Freethinker statistics?

In my first post, I talked about me starting this blog and skimmed over why just a bit. I essentially said “Because it’s AWESOME, GUYS. Tell me EVERYTHING about you!”

But the fact is that interesting does NOT suffice when people wanna figure out if they want something done. It has to be pragmatic. There were pragmatic reasons involved, but I withheld them because I thought they were boring and nobody would be interested in them, but as it turns out, people are ONLY interested in the pragmatics of mathematics unless they’re insane.

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Less Serious Data Just For Funsies (4 questions!)

We’re still collecting the data from that other personality test. We need a certain amount of data before we can analyze it.

But we can still gather other data as well! This one won’t take as long as the last one and is 4 questions about your MBTI, which most people know already because it’s one of those silly pop culture things that everyone likes to know. and we’re not taking it as seriously.

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This blog’s very first post about the major recent changes to the group! (Like, 3 changes? Just 3. Yeah.)

This Semester marks a lot of changes for the Freethinkers of UTA. Our organization has made incredible, perhaps even unrealistic, strides in a very short amount of time. As far back as anyone in the group can remember with the history of the group, the following things weren’t implemented:

  • Democracy for Officer positions
  • A “search engine standard violation-free” website
  • An up-to-date, up-to-standard website in general
  • A blog for easily accessible documentation of changes and information
  • A shift in how bettering the Constitution works
  • Suggestions and Bugs!

So, let me run down these things and you just read what you want based on the titles, and I’ll do it from shortest section to longest section, so you don’t have to scroll as much to get to what you want.

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Elections are over! Now, I need some psychometric data from YOU!

Hi, everyone!

Hi, Cave!

So, elections are over. The results will be released Wednesday. We have some kinks to work out, getting some votes validated and qualified and things of that nature, making sure the algorithm did its job since I made it in a rush and this is its first time. Until then, I need data.

What kinda data do you need?

Well, I prepared a neat little test that can be taken anonymously. It assesses your personality. It includes all the instructions you need, such as contacting me when you’re done, what data you need to copy, etc. So, as long as you can read, you’re good, all you need to do is download the file.

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