Welcome to the new Blog!

Yeah, no joke! I made a new blog and it’s so much better looking and is so much more friendly! Go check it out! The link is SURPRISE, YOU’RE ON IT RIGHT NOW.

New Blog? Where’s the OLD Blog?

Right here. I only ever made one post on it (very interesting post comparing the old site before I completely redesigned it with my new site (in short, the old one was full of bugs and didn’t look good and mine doesn’t look bad and isn’t buggy)). Unfortunately, the interface was just horrible and very archaic, not suited for a Blog at all, so I went and looked for better options, and now we’re here. Welcome to the new Freethinkers Blog about statistics and insights into the group!

What’s this new Blog about?

I-I literally just said. Statistics and insights into the group. Although, it does also include big changes, like a complete website redesign or something essential in the Constitution (ex: “We will no longer be called the “Freethinkers of UTA,” but simply the “Freethinkers” (Who knows? Could happen!)). In fact, pretty soon, there should be a post about the personality of a Freethinker. Be sure to look out for that!

What’s the difference between the News page or Events page on the main site and this Blog?

Well, the News page logs when other sites have mentioned us or gives brief accounts of major events. The Events page logs the upcoming and previous things we’re doing, such as Homeless Nexus or General Discussion Meetings where we discuss a chosen topic on campus. In short, the Events are what we’re doing, the News are what they think we’re doing, and the Blog is who we are.

Who writes for this Blog?

Right now? Just me. I accept research from anyone on the group as long as I think it’s sound. In the future, all the webmasters and Presidents, I’d imagine. Maybe we’ll have a position just for this Blog. Maybe we’ll have an investigator position. I can’t speculate that much into the future, but I’m hoping that the Blog will stay alive.

A lion-taming baby. God help us all.

That fella in that picture there is who they put in charge of writing things. Something has gone very wrong.

So, why make a Blog?

I honestly don’t know whether or not the Blog will catch on, but this is a very curious group, and I’m a very curious person. I like prodding the minds of the people here and I like publishing that information, but even if nobody reads it, I’m certain that within the group, there will always be someone who’s curious enough to look into things and I wanted somewhere where these people felt they could have that stuff published, and here we are.

I hope you enjoy the Blog!

Cave Intee Forwin, who is a philosophy major that loves filmmaking, spends most of his time doing physics and math. In this way, he is an enigma. He also used to write embarrassing articles at Cracked.com and in Spring 2015, was the Vice President of this organization.


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