Less Serious Data Just For Funsies (4 questions!)

We’re still collecting the data from that other personality test. We need a certain amount of data before we can analyze it.

But we can still gather other data as well! This one won’t take as long as the last one and is 4 questions about your MBTI, which most people know already because it’s one of those silly pop culture things that everyone likes to know. and we’re not taking it as seriously.

But…but the MBTI isn’t valid!

Yes, we’re aware of its hilariously poor coefficient alpha and all that fun stuff, but that’s why we said we’re doing it for fun. We promise that we won’t be releasing anything meant to be hugely insightful, it’s more just things of a “Huh, whaddya know? That’s funny.” nature.

So, what do I have to download this time?

Nothing! Well, you might have to download information into your brain, but I figure you weren’t asking about that.

So, just go here and answer this simple 4 question survey thing.

Cave was actually not the person who came up with this and this was requested by someone else and he’s a little embarrassed about being associate with the MBTI for some reason, so he’s asked himself not to include an “About Me” for this post.


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