Z-Score. I mu Y-Score. I mean why? Why have a blog about Freethinker statistics?

In my first post, I talked about me starting this blog and skimmed over why just a bit. I essentially said “Because it’s AWESOME, GUYS. Tell me EVERYTHING about you!”

But the fact is that interesting does NOT suffice when people wanna figure out if they want something done. It has to be pragmatic. There were pragmatic reasons involved, but I withheld them because I thought they were boring and nobody would be interested in them, but as it turns out, people are ONLY interested in the pragmatics of mathematics unless they’re insane.

Me insane! So, just me.

Pictured: An actual thing I sent a bunch of people when I was younger with the actual following sub-caption: “”Earth,’ He said. He hasn’t stopped laughing since.'”

So, what’s the practical reason for getting data on the Freethinkers?

The first reason is pretty simple

Well, in short, it’s nice to know who you’re catering to. If you pretty much understand this and why this is important, you can skip to the next thingymajesus.

We really just cater to atheists on campus. We do practice radical inclusiveness, yes, and sometimes that makes certain members not want to embrace the fact that we are an atheist group, but regardless of the religions of those in it, the purpose of the group is to make an organization where people don’t (this “don’t” wasn’t here for a while and nobody told me) feel like they’re pressured to affiliate with a religion on a religion saturated campus in a religion saturated area. Here, people feel like they don’t have to be alone in what they believe in or what they don’t believe in, even if it doesn’t involve the divine.

That’s who we are. But that’s…extremely nonspecific. What is the UTA Freethinker’s personality? How can we better dedicate our group to those of such a personality? Are we really mostly atheist? How diverse are we with religion? I’d like to even expand to the entire campus. Do Philosophy majors have a mindset and personality that would make them fit right in with this group? What about Engineering majors? How should we conduct and advertise ourselves to get this group as large and successful as possible?

For all I know, if this does end up not dying and actually catches on, it might not even be a Freethinker thing. It could just be a Campus Census so everyone knows what they might be interested in just a bit better, like an optional Big Brother.

We’d also love to use it to predict topics that everyone would be interested in and things that would generate the most discussion

We have general discussion meetings. We just sort of arbitrarily decide what to talk about. There is no method to the madness. None. If you see a method, you are insane just like me.

And sometimes, a few people walk in, and they’re not really interested in the topic. They might be regular members and they just come to the meetings because, you know, social reasons. They don’t have real friends. They’re also insane and they touched the void and it touched back and they no longer feel joy, only fading peace when with a bunch of atheists who don’t shower.


What? It’s not just me, right? Guys? I promise I have a girlfriend. 😦

So, what topics would people actually care about? What do we need so we don’t just get stragglers and social talkers. We want invigorating and fully participatory discussions, things that everyone has an opinion on without being too mainstream to the point of being generic. Yeah, everyone has an opinion on government surveillance and abortion, but what about more obscure problems like Digital Restrictions Management or Open Source Software? Whoops, just revealed my nerdiness.

“Really? It’s the fact that you care about DRM that makes you nerdy? No, yeah, when I went on this website about math that you made, I thought ‘Hm, I wonder if this guy’s a nerd. Oh hey, he mentioned DRM. Finally, some evidence.” “…I promise I have a girlfriend!”

And finally, once again, IT’S REALLY AWESOME

If you’re insane, like me.

Ol' Ted, Teddy Ted

Admittedly, I looked a bit different before I started shaving more.

While he might not have mentioned it very often in the post, Cave Intee Forwin is insane and likes nerdy things.

He used to use Arch Linux, Fedora, and Debian, but after budget cuts made him less able to freely mess up his Operating System, he started using Ubuntu like everyone else and even used Cinnamon like a noob. He’s thoroughly ashamed, but still actually really likes his Operating System and is more or less satisfied with it, even if it doesn’t excite him with possibilities any more.

And he hates DRM and hopes Apple dies of painful thirst after locking itself in a DRM.


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