Z-Score. I mu Y-Score. I mean why? Why have a blog about Freethinker statistics?

In my first post, I talked about me starting this blog and skimmed over why just a bit. I essentially said “Because it’s AWESOME, GUYS. Tell me EVERYTHING about you!”

But the fact is that interesting does NOT suffice when people wanna figure out if they want something done. It has to be pragmatic. There were pragmatic reasons involved, but I withheld them because I thought they were boring and nobody would be interested in them, but as it turns out, people are ONLY interested in the pragmatics of mathematics unless they’re insane.

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Welcome to the new Blog!

Yeah, no joke! I made a new blog and it’s so much better looking and is so much more friendly! Go check it out! The link is SURPRISE, YOU’RE ON IT RIGHT NOW.

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